Moveable Chicken Coops

Moveable Chicken Coops are great at keeping your flock and yard healthy. Portable coops can be easily moved to give your chickens fresh grazing areas and prevent your land from becoming overworked. By choosing a mobile chicken coop on wheels, you can rotate grazing sites in your backyard without compromising your flock’s safety.

Standard Features

  • Chicken door
  • Screen door
  • Asphalt or metal roof

Upgrade OptionsMoveable chicken coop on wheels with red wood siding, an enclosed chicken run, and metal roofing.

  • Feed room
  • Nest boxes on feed room wall
  • Pullout window
  • Automatic chicken door
  • 4” gable vent
  • 6” gable vent
  • Litter tray
  • Cupola with weathervane
  • 2-gallon poultry waterer
  • No waste chicken feeder with 20-pound capacity
  • Easy clean-out nest boxes (A-frame style is standard)
  • Easy clean nest boxes (Quaker style is standard)
  • Wood shingles
  • Glassboard flooring

Pre-Built & Custom Chicken Coops

Bristol Sheds always has pre-built and ready-to-deliver structures in stock. Browse our current inventory online or visit us at 819 US-13 in Bristol, PA to see what’s on the lot. Have a specific design or structure in mind? Contact us to learn more about designing and creating a custom chicken coop for your property.