The Benefits of a Garage Shed

Homeowners looking for extra storage space for their belongings might first think of a traditional shed with common double doors. That might not be the best storage solution for every household, however. Some people need easier access to the inside of their building and a garage shed with an overhead door. They are much better for storing vehicles, trailers, and lawn equipment with wheels than a traditional shed.

What is a Garage Shed?

12x20 cape garage

A garage shed is a detached storage building with a rolling overhead door. They can come in any size and with additional features, but it’s the convenient door that makes it a garage shed. The wide overhead doors roll up to allow easy entry or exit from the shed for anything from cars to trailers to ATVs. Often, our customers will buy ramps for these buildings or level asphalt to the door for even easier entry/exit.

Garage Shed vs Detached Garage

Garage sheds and detached garages are essentially the same type of building but the terms are used in different contexts. Usually, when someone is talking about a detached garage, they are talking about a building large enough to fit a vehicle. The minimum size for a single-car detached garage is 12×20. If you’re looking for a little extra space for storage or a workbench, a 12×24 is recommended. Garage sheds can be any size, including smaller than 12×20, so long as they have a garage-style door. Some customers buy smaller garage sheds to store ATVs and riding mowers.

Benefits of Owning a Garage Shed

garage shed with cupola and extra doors

There are many benefits to owning a garage shed, most of all the ability to drive equipment into the building. You should keep many vehicles out of the elements, like lawn tractors or ATVs, which can get damaged outside. Although your cars can stay outside, they do better inside. If you’re using your building as a workshop, the garage door makes it easier to move supplies inside and bring large finished products, like furniture, out of the workshop. Homes with garages are also valued at a higher price than homes without a garage, so you’ll recoup some of the expense of adding a garage when you sell your home.

Upgrades for Your Garage Shed

Many homeowners will upgrade their garage shed with extra options to improve functionality and style. You can add some windows for more natural lighting. Add extra doors for more points of entry. Place a cupola and weathervane on your roof for some added character. Build a workbench into the wall for a stable table to work on. The garage door itself can also be customized with different styles, like the carriage style. You could also hire an electrician to wire power from your home to your garage, install some lights, and add an automatic garage door opener.

Invest in a Garage Shed Today

Are you looking for a convenient way to store your car, ATVs, or tractor? Consider a garage shed from Bristol Sheds. We have pre-built garages in stock, ready to take off the lot right away, or you can contact us about building a custom garage to fit your exact needs. Call us today at (215) 788-8820!