When is it Time to Remove and Replace Your Shed?

Even high-quality sheds will deteriorate over time if they’re not properly maintained over the decades. If you’ve neglected the maintenance of your shed or recently bought a house with a damaged shed, how do you know if it’s fixable? When is a shed too damaged, that it’s better to remove and replace it? This guide will help you make the right call.

Fixable Damage to Your Shed

Repairing a damaged shed will always be cheaper than fully replacing it. That’s why it’s the first option you should consider when you have a deteriorating shed. Take a walk around and inside your shed, taking notes on what parts of your shed are damaged. Is there damage to your siding? Did a fallen tree branch put a hole in your roof? Perhaps a window is coming loose and causing a draft? These are all examples of cosmetic damage that can easily be repaired. If you’re having trouble finding what can be repaired, ask a shed specialist for help.

When Damage is Too Extensive to Repair

If you inspect your shed and find structural damage, then it’s time to remove and replace your shed. Did you find rotting floor joists or wall studs? Has your shed started to lean towards one side like it’s going to collapse? These are serious structural problems that must be addressed for the safety of you and your family. Working with custom shed builders, you can order a complete replacement, with the same dimensions and style as your old shed.

When Replacement Isn’t Necessary but Still a Good Idea

Even if your shed could be repaired, you might still want to upgrade it with a replacement shed. A new shed is an opportunity to increase your storage space, with a larger square footage. You can also improve the functionality of your shed, by ordering a shed with double-wide doors or with overhead garage doors, allowing you to more easily access your lawn tractor or other belongings.

Contact Bristol Sheds to Remove and Replace Your Shed

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