Complete Guide to Backyard Chicken Coop Styles

As homesteading, gardening, and eating food made from local ingredients continue to grow in popularity, homeowners are looking for ways to make their property work for them. At Bristol Sheds we get lots of inquiries about backyard chicken coops, and most homeowners don’t know where to start. Today we are going to break down all of our backyard chicken coop styles so you can choose the perfect coop for your feathery friends. 


A-Frame Chicken Coops

A-frame chicken coops feature a traditional homestead style that is meant to keep your chickens safe from rodents and other predators. They are fully enclosed with no fenced-in area, and a small access door to let your chickens roam during the day and return to the safety and warmth of the coop at night. Our line of A-Frame Chicken Coops includes smaller models that house 2-3 chickens, larger coops that fit 18-20 chickens, and everything in between. 

Quaker Chicken Coops

Our Quaker Chicken Coops feature an offset roofline that adds style and an elevated hen house to provide further protection from predators and floods, all while offering easier access to the homeowner. The Quaker Chicken Coop also comes standard with a ventilation system that promotes airflow and keeps your hens cool during the hot summer months. Our Quaker Chicken Coop line can also be customized with an attached fenced area to allow your chickens to graze in the sunshine. 

Combination Chicken Coops

Combination Chicken Coops merge a hen house and a chicken run, offering your chickens the freedom to roam outside or rest in the luxury of the hen house. A run-in is a fenced area that is locked and secure so you don’t have to worry about predators entering the coop. The hen house is also elevated to make cleaning and retrieving eggs much easier for the homeowner. The size of the hen house and run-in vary with each model, allowing you to pick the perfect coop for your chickens and your property. 

Gambrel Chicken Coops

Our Gambrel Chicken Coops feature a barn-style roof, bringing the charm of the farm into your backyard. Our Gambrel Chicken Coops can feature just a hen house, or a hen house and run-in similar to our Combination Chicken Coop style. Gambrels are fully customizable to fit any number of chickens, so if you like this style we can build something to fit your needs. 


Movable Chicken Coops

Movable Chicken Coops use the same quality construction as the rest of our line but have wheels so you can move them around your yard. Having the ability to change the location of your chicken coop allows you to always give our chickens fresh grazing areas, and prevents your land from becoming overworked. 

Chicken Coop Upgrades

Like all Bristol Sheds structures, our chicken coops are fully customizable with paint colors, roof types, and upgrades. We understand that every customer’s needs are different, and our options and upgrades allow our customers to create the perfect chicken coops for both them and their chickens. We offer a variety of nest boxes to keep your chickens comfortable, and chicken feeders and feed rooms for easy access to refill feed. 


We also offer an automatic chicken door that opens and closes on a timer and is made from heavy-duty metal for further protection against predators. 


Are you ready to bring fresh eggs into your own backyard? Browse Chicken Coops online today, or contact us with any questions or for a complimentary quote